Innovation in Oil sands Tailings  Management


Client Collaboration

Confidential proprietary tailings management no one or two tailings operations are identical.

Specialized Process Unit

Deliverables include semi-automated unit to consolidate tailings overnight onsite or offsite.

Experts in Project Management

Dynamic teamwork will assess operations deliver client calculated outcomes along with systematic maintenance vigilance included.

From the Lab to Design and Build

Innovative Transformative Technology

  Oil sands waste are about to be redefined. 

 Our industrial clean energy research has successfully launched and analyzed a wide range of mining waste.  

In proof of concept studies specifically targeted the Oil sands tailings ponds. 

Significantly and dramatically reducing time of consolidation from 6 to 12 hours this is critically important to the environment.  

This is the transformative solution that experts agree this method has the potential to end large waste lakes that is problematic to consolidate. 

Our technology was able to solidify and remove toxicity making it a viable solution with far reaching possibilities. 

OmniSync Clean Energy Technology Corp., remains focused on the future of the innovation. 

Our new division  Anderson Cleantech LLC  has directed a laser focus on innovation to transform GHG’s in real world solutions. 

Best suited  for large industrial  and manufacturing operations that combined omissions put out up 40% of GHG’s on  daily basis. 



100% consolidation Oil sands Tailings

Knowledgeable along with oil sands experience in all declipines. OmniSync CET team works with Oil sands tailings management teams with output reclamation requirements. OmniSync CET will plan and schedule  operating equipment to consolidate oil sand tailings and move offsite to OmniSync designated facility for market ready industrial products.

Remanufactured Carbon Dioxide

Anderson Cleantech Technologies is an enterprise that will change how carbon dioxide is remediated to marketable products. Producers will find our team of innovators that provide professional services  beyond orthodox perception.  

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Engineer,Design and Construction

Certified third-party laboratory analyzes

Strict verification from top laboratories  committed to progressive development

Scanning Electron Miroscopy

Molecular study define effectiveness of our patented technology 

Transmission Electron Microscopy

Our team of experts are dedicated and sincere

OmniSync CET

OmniSync Clean Energy Division

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ACT on Oil sands Waste

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